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Lisa Schuetz, a professional handwriting examiner, has dedicated her life to investigating the neuroscience of thought and the reading of expressive gestures. Classified as a “New Voice” by Elite Books, her chapter, “Reading the energy of thought” was published alongside that of Deepak Chopra and others, in Audacious Aging.

Her research thesis, “Sacred Proportion in Handwriting as an Indicator Body/Mind Balance” was the topic of presentations given at conferences such as the Annual Canadian Energy Psychology, held this past November. As an expert in the handwriting indicators of type, she is a much sought after workshop presenter and enjoys teaching, writing, and consulting on a variety of topics relating to handwriting. She has taught at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Alverno College, and Infinity Foundation in Highland Park, IL.

She has an undergraduate degree in biology, has trained in American and Gestalt approaches to handwriting analysis and is currently completing graduate studies in Jungian psychology. She blogs about handwriting, body language, and personality at http://ReadingGestures.com and has international readership of her free newsletter “Train Your Eye in Graphology.”

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   1.  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Sex Diary
   2.  Birthday Astrology: Ace of Spades & Death Case Study
   3.  Bernie Madoff – Destiny Cards
   4.  Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas
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   13.  Van Cliburn Handwriting
   14.  Large Signature & Narcissism
   15.  Oscar Pistorius
   16.  Frank Abagnale
   17.  Lie Detection
   18.  Top Ten Ways to Spot Dishonesty
   19.  Lance Armstrong Handwriting
   20.  Daniel Radcliffe Signature
   21.  Alicia Keys Signature
   22.  Lance Armstrong Signature
   23.  Abraham Lincoln Signature
   24.  Jacob Lew Signature
   25.  Erik Holder Handwriting- Unbelievable Self-involvement
   26.  Blind Date Insight
   27.  Leadership ability in handwriting
   28.  The Chin in Face Reading
   29.  How To Get Your “Ex” Back
   30.  Boris Johnson Handwriting
   31.  Signature Analysis: Signature Smaller Than Body of Writing
   32.  Jamie Lee Curtis Handwriting
   33.  Obama and Brewer Tiff
   34.  Leon Panetta Handwriting Signature
   35.  Obama vs Brewer Conflict
   36.  Handwriting Indicators of Type
   37.  Scott Walker Recall Petition Fraud
   38.  Analyzing Signatures Press Releases
   39.  Whitney Houston Handwriting
   40.  Signature analysis: Signature Larger Than Body of Writing
   41.  Graphology to detect suicide
   42.  Signature Analysis: Donald Trump
   43.  Signature Analysis: Newt Gingrich
   44.  Brewer vs Obama Conflict
   45.  Handwriting of Leadership
   46.  Santorum, Romney, Paul, Gingrich Handwriting – Race for GOP
   47.  Good Handwriting and Grades Link
   48.  Handwriting Analysis How To: Why Business Use Graphology
   49.  Gingrich, Santorum, Paul, Romney Handwriting
   50.  Thomas Edison & Albert Einstein
   51.  Free Handwriting Analysis Webinar- New Date
   52.  Learn Handwriting Analysis – Meaning of Slant
   53.  Signature Analysis: Jon Huntsman
   54.  John Lennon Handwriting
   55.  Phlegmatic Personality Type and Handwriting Indicators
   56.  Frank Lloyd Wright Handwriting
   57.  Face Reading Tips #3
   58.  Narcissism and Handwriting
   59.  Meaning of Ink Color and Prefence for Writing with Pencils in Handwriting Analysis
   60.  Face Reading Tips #2
   61.  Handwriting How To: Self-deceit
   62.  Free Mini-lesson Handwriting Analysis
   63.  Secretiveness in Handwriting
   64.  Manipulativeness in Handwriting
   65.  Evasiveness in Handwriting
   66.  Deception in Handwriting
   67.  How to Detect Dishonesty in Handwriting #2
   68.  How Detect Dishonesty in Handwriting
   69.  Tip: Reading Meaning in Eyes Body Language #3
   70.  Tip: Reading Meaning in Eyes Body Language #2
   71.  Signature Analysis
   72.  F. Scott Fitzgerald
   73.  Interesting Lower Zone Formation
   74.  Handwriting How To: What Handwriting Reveals
   75.  Body Language Tips – Liars Sarcasm
   76.  Tip: Reading Meaning in Eyes Body Language
   77.  Seeing Jealousy in Handwriting
   78.  More Body Language Mistakes by Women in Power
   79.  Rush Limbaugh Signature
   80.  Body Language: Liars
   81.  Body Language Tips – Liars
   82.  Face Reading Tips #1
   83.  Jon Corzine Signature
   84.  Body Language Basics…
   85.  Herman Cain Handwriting Says…
   86.  Handwriting Analysis – “Slant”
   87.  Paterno, Sandusky, McQeary of Penn State Handwriting
   88.  Newt Gingrich Handwriting
   89.  GOP Frontrunners Handwriting
   90.  Free Webinar “The Top 3 Reasons Companies Are Using Handwriting Analysis”
   91.  Meaning of Margins in Handwriting Analysis
   92.  Penmanship Instruction
   93.  Looped “t” and “d”: Sensitivity to Criticism & Guilt
   94.  Meaning of Line Spacing in Handwriting Analysis
   95.  Casey Anthony Handwriting
   96.  Lizzie Borden Handwriting
   97.  Free Handwriting Lesson: Identifying Sales Talent
   98.  John Edwards Handwriting – Sex, lies, power
   99.  Learn Basics Handwriting Analysis – Baseline
   100.  Signature Analysis – Congruency

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