“Animus” writing Yin/yang

“Animus” is the masculine, inner side of a woman; it is both a personal complex and an archetypal image.I could only say this: as the anima produces moods, so the animus produces opinions…”
Jung, Two Essays on Analytical Psychology, CW 7, para. 331
animus 300x196 Animus writing Yin/yang
Animus writing would represent masculine psychological tendencies of the woman, such as objectivity, practical reasoning, and intellectuality shown by small size, simplified form, sharp ductus and clear spacing.  It will give a woman an imposing personality, aggression, authoritarianism, intellectuality, strength of character and more creativity.

The strongest Jungian function would be thinking. In the example above, the auxiliary function is intuition. Shadow function, would then be, feeling.

Just as males need to acknowledge their capacity for feeling, women need to acknowledge their capacity for thinking.

Graphotherapy in this case would be focusing on release type exercises.

Contrast the above writing with this one:

Princess Diana 300x238 Animus writing Yin/yang

Notice the very rounded nature of this, the tighter spacing, and larger size of this females writing. This writer would be friendly, practical, and not concerned with things of an abstract nature. Concerned with the here and now and how she is affected personally, something has happened that stymied the capacity for future dreams/aspirations as well as the ability to think critically.

Overuse of curved formations can indicate submissiveness, yieldingness, and lack of discernment as is often seen in writing of adolescent girls as well as emotionally immature women. Also, notice these ppI formations.

The primary Jungian function here is feeling, with sensing being auxiliary.

Graphotherapy, or grapho-re-education, in this case would focus on developing more contraction.

 Animus writing Yin/yang
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