Catherine Zeta Jones Handwriting

Catherine Zeta-Jones, an actress and wife of Michael Douglas, has recently been treated for a condition called “Bi-polar II,” or manic depression. Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a mental illness characterized by mood swings between the two psychological pulls of depression and euphoria. Zeta-Jones is said to have been diagnosed with bipolar II, which is a form of the disorder, which is characterized by longer low periods.

Given that she has gone public with this, I thought I would address a couple of qualities within her handwriting.

The value of looking at famous people’s writing is this: In looking at public people, with public conditions, we learn through examples. With this type of learning, we maybe can start questioning ourselves, and looking at possible common qualities within our own writing. It aids us in our discovery of ourselves.

My comments are below the marked handwriting samples.

Catherine Zeta Jones Handwriting 1 Catherine Zeta Jones HandwritingCatherine Zeta Jones Handwriting2 Catherine Zeta Jones Handwriting

There are many things I could comment on, including her ability to charm a crowd, her co-dependent nature, her high level of anxiety, and a sense of despondency.   I will comment, though, on two very striking qualities to her script – which equals two striking qualities to her personality.

Notice the personal pronouns “I’s” that are circled in pink. These regressive formations indicate conflict with her mother (and possibly with females, in general) and the existence of a strong need for a sense of affection from her father. These factors most likely contribute to her strong need for attention – and validation – by others. True worth, she believes, is on things such as titles, looks, or possessions.

Most remarkable is the lack of congruence between the signature and text. Notice how she signs her name within the letter (first page) and compare it to how she signs the end of the letter. This dissimilarity means that how she presents herself (signature) is not how she really is (body of writing). For those of you that have my “Signature book,” you know what the meaning behind her name placement being in the middle.

Catherine is extremely self-conscious and is nowhere near as confident as others might think she is!

In looking at her Destiny Cards she is a Queen of Hearts Birth Card and 8 Diamonds Ruling Card. The Queen of Hearts is associated with love, sex and pleasure. The 8 Diamonds is the part of her that wants to be famous. For a “mini” report on what your cards are – and what your upcoming year might look like- please visit http://lisaschuetz.com/order-reports/. You will be amazed.

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