Elizabeth Taylor Handwriting – ESFP

Elizabeth Taylor2 Elizabeth Taylor Handwriting   ESFP

Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor Handwriting   ESFP

Elizabeth Taylor was an icon in the movie and entertainment industry.Her handwriting is a good example of the Myers-Briggs profile of ESFP. This is also a wonderful example of a person that is carrying the projections of fans and admirers.

One very notable quality in her writing is the large size letters and extremely large capital letters.

We see capitals of this size in people that live in the public eye. To want to be in the public eye requires great ego and great ambition. When they get to be of this size, however,  it is indicative of narcissism. Also note the many circular formations – elaborations – that she makes. She is one that needs and likes attention.

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Topics covered in Graphology Fundamentals include:
1. Definition, background and methodologies of handwriting analysis
2. Letter Size: Ego needs, sense of importance
3. Slant: Emotional expression and relation to other
4. Pressure: Vitality and emotional memory
5. Line of writing: Mood and inner control

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pixel Elizabeth Taylor Handwriting   ESFP

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pixel Elizabeth Taylor Handwriting   ESFP

Minimum 6 participants and maximum of 12. Lines will be kept open for discussion/questions.

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