Face Reading Tips #1

There is a correlation between body language and handwriting analysis. Gestures are how we “move” and handwriting is simply a movement on paper!

Here are two tips for reading information contained in faces. Watch for more tips, in future posts.

1. Are the eyes rather small? This is indicative of a person with good concentration skills and a gift for detail. In handwriting analysis, there is a certain mirroring of physical characteristics, along with personality traits. The indicator for this type of concentration would be a small, concentrated middle zone:

Schweitzer Albert1 300x49 Face Reading Tips #1

Albert Schweitzer - Small middle zone, excellent concentration

2. Or, are the eyes nice and big, rounded? These eyes are know to belong to people that and kind and loving. The corresponding handwriting indicator would be a rounded middle-zone with “garland” connections.

3. If you can see white around the iris and lower part of the eyelids, this would indicate that the person is afraid or panicked.

Handwriting analysis and face reading both give great insight into a personality. I invite you to consider some of my wonderful eLearning courses on Handwriting How To! Check out: http://lisaschuetz.com/graphology-classes/

You can learn in the privacy of your own home/office. You will begin to get instant insight into whose ever handwriting you are looking at. No longer will you need to wonder what a person is “really like.” Very affordable and highly recommended with 100% money back guarantee!

FeelingWaterHandwriting 300x100 Face Reading Tips #1

Large Middle Zone, Garland Connection

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