George Washington’s Handwriting

George Washington Evolution3 300x209 George Washington’s Handwriting

George Washington, First U.S. President  1732 – 1799

With Thanksgiving not too far away, I thought it would be appropriate to look at the writing of George Washington.

This writing is simple, neat, and very carefully executed indicating an ability to think and speak clearly, getting his thoughts across in plain language. The sometimes flat connections between letters indicate a certain anxiety present.

Notice the “th” connections. This type of formation in the upper zone indicates a person that has creative, fluid thought processes. Supporting this is how he connects the letter “d” to next letter, as in “Wednesday.”

Remarkable is the very consistent slant as seen by the red lines drawn. This lets us know that he was very predictable in his emotional responses, and that undoubtedly, others would find him very dependable.

The tall upper zone (notice “the”, “with”, etc.) indicates the high principles and standards expected of himself. We will see this in almost all of the initial presidents this country has had. Our Puritan roots are evidenced in many of the strokes that we find with the group of men. This also indicates interests in intellectual pursuits and the need for mental challenges.

The writing is mostly connected, breaking where appropriate, indicating a logical, sequential thinker. This too is supportive of the primary function being “sensing” in his typology.

Take note of the maturity seen in young George, of age 19. While handwriting can’t tell chronological age, it does emotional age. As he matured, the ambitious capitals in his signature came more into psychic balance as seen in his signature when president.  While he was ambitious and confident, he was not egotistical or narcissistic.

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