Handwriting of Amelia Earhart

AMELIA EARHART – Aviation Pioneer 1897 – 1937

Amelia Earhart Handwriting cropped 300x286 Handwriting of Amelia Earhart

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Notice the spacing in this writing: words, letters, and lines.  This indicates someone that needs freedom and wide open spaces. This writing is simple and not pretentious reflecting who she was and how others saw her.  She is direct, as seen from the simplified letter formations and friendly, as seen in the garland, cup formations at the bottom of letters, as well as, end of letters. The driving motivation here is the need for space and freedom and she could ask for this from others, in a kind way. This spacing also indicates someone that can think very objectively; emotions don’t cloud the thinking process.

With her upper zone activity coupled with the simplified writing she was quite intelligent and had high expectations from herself, in whatever she set out to do.

She has excellent balance in what she thinks/says/does; very well integrated as seen by doing a Phi Assessment on her writing (see below). She had to live in integrity with herself; she had to listen to the call of her soul and wasn’t dictated to by societal “norms”. (Jungs says that societal adaptation is not a measure of mental health)

In looking at Eros (ability to connect, relate) and Logos (ability to separate) she certainly has both present. The clear spacing and small size add to Logos, while the slight right slant, connected letters, and garland formations add to Eros. I would score the Logos slightly stronger. She is not one to “project her animus” meaning, she wouldn’t look outside herself (to a man, for instance) for someone to do her thinking!

For those interested in astrology, this writing shows strong fire, with earth and air strong auxiliary influences. Handwriting analysis can score certain qualities within handwriting in order to give insight into someone’s typology. We can learn about all the various types including: enneagram, MBTI, Jungian functions, and the 4 Elements.

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