How To Get Your “Ex” Back

I just put a new guide on Kindle Amazon: “Top 3 Tips on How To Get Your ‘Ex’ Back.” This is a short guide on personality compatibility.

Through the use of handwriting indicators I will show, using many examples, how to tell if you are compatible with another. I will give concrete tips on what to do, should you have some areas of difficulty. Usually, relationships break up over people not seeing “eye to eye,” or being incompatibile. It is possible though, through becoming more aware of our innate tendencies and our personalities, to build a harmonious, mutually satisfying relationship, with another!

Often times we are naturally attracted to people that embody some polar opposite qualities of our own. The quiet type is drawn to the more ‘social’ type, the ‘bookish’ type to the ‘fun’ type, etc. We must need to learn about our personalities as well as that of our partner, if we are truly interested in building a strong, happy relationship.

Included in the price of this guide is access to download a reusable “Compatibility Worksheet.”

**If you like this book, consider leaving me a review on Amazon. It helps! Also, if you don’t have a Kindle or Kindle App (iPad, etc.), you can purchase the PDF version for only $4.97 from http://lisaschuetz.com/graphology-classes/

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