Melancholic Personality Traits

Melancholic Personality Traits

One of the first impressions that one may get on looking at an individual with this personality type is, ‘thoughtful’. These people are natural thinkers and more often than not, appear as if in deep thought. As their name suggests, they also appear depressed or melancholic most of the times. But are they actually sad and have a pessimistic attitude? Let us find out by taking a look at melancholic personality traits.
•    People belonging to this personality type are thoughtful, reserved and introverts. They prefer their own company, i.e., love to stay alone rather than mingling with crowds.
•    However, at the same time, most of them have a creative and genius mind. More often than not, they are talented or endowed with knowledge and taste in the fields of arts and creativity.
•    As mentioned above, these people often appear sad and gloomy. Their super calm exterior may appear depressing to others.
•    The same appearance may also seem as though these people have a lot to worry. This is true in fact. These people tend to worry constantly for imaginable or even unimaginable things.
•    The physical movement of melancholic personality type individuals is also slow, reserved, cautious which may even seem calculated. They are also severely emotional and sensitive.
•    It is an extremely rare or even negligent possibility that these people will react or behave in a wild manner ever. They live life in an accepted way and are never even found going on the untrodden path. Rebels do not belong to melancholic personality.
•    This nature of the melancholic individuals also helps them to be good employees or administrators. They are sticklers to rules, have a repetitive behavior and cautious nature.
•    They are perfectionists themselves and expect the same from others. They also work hard and hence, are reliable people.
•    Achievements as a whole (personal or group), means a lot to them and they are even found to hoard mementos and souvenirs of every single achievement of theirs.
•    One of the other melancholic personality traits, taken as positive or negative is that these people are extremely cautious and distrustful. They hesitate in making new contacts and are often secretive in nature.
•    Their close mindedness also makes them narrow minded, orthodox in their thoughts and stubborn. They hate change and may become sulky when asked to change their ways and habits.
•    Cleanliness and orderliness is another positive character traits of people belonging to this personality type. They are good organizers and planners and also set high standards for themselves and others.
•    One of the other melancholic personality characteristics is that as these people are sensitive themselves, they are also sensitive to the thoughts and emotions of others. They are also charitable and moralistic in nature.
•    Lastly, on a lesser brighter side, the introvert personality of these people makes them suffer from low confidence. They hardly speak until spoken to and hence, are often left alone.

This article was taken from: Buzzle

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