Obama and Brewer Tiff

This is taken from my report on Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Governor-Arizona-President-Conflict-ebook/dp/B0079QUX96/

It is clear to see in these marked, enlarged images that Governor Brewer and President Obama have very different slants, which means they have very different outlooks in how they fundamentally experience life – and how they think things “should” be.

Obama slant Obama and Brewer Tiff

Obama Slant

Slant Brewer 300x39 Obama and Brewer TiffBrewer Slant

This quality of emotional expression is one that has the potential to be a difficult area between people, when looking at compatibility. It is very difficult to understand where another is coming from, if the foundation of their personality is different than ours.

A much asked question is what about if someone is left-handed, like Obama?

The interpretation is the same, for left or right-handed writers. Many left-handed writers have a right to far right slant, and many right-handed writers have a vertical to left slant. The symbolism of space – meanings associated with up/down and left/right are universal and is applied to the various languages. Our handwriting slant is associated with personality characteristics. The hand is carrying out neural impulses from the brain!

Right slanted writers like Brewer can wear their hearts on their sleeve and are moved by the troubles of others. Feelings come into their decision-making process and they are more prone to be kind and sympathetic.

Obama’s slant is a deviation from copybook. Any deviations from what we are taught in a school model has significance….

Obama vs Brewer Cover 228x300 Obama and Brewer Tiff


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