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A few days ago I received a call from a journalist who was researching information for a story she was writing about Indiana being the 41st state to declare they are not teaching cursive.

A bit of information she gave me was that the Zaner-Bloser spokesperson told her in the past year they had more entries than ever before in their annual penmanship competition.  I told her I didn’t know that, and then I asked her what kind of schools these children came from?  Her answer was, “Oh, they were mostly from private schools.”  To me the significance of this is that this is but one more indicator that we are beginning to go back to a “class” system.  Those who can afford private education, tutoring etc. will ensure that their children have a better education, and hopefully learn to write (which also means they can read) in cursive.  The shame of it is that when you pay your local taxes, you are paying for public education and obviously not producing the results it did in the past.

This gives everyone on this list a wonderful opportunity to contact the leaders of the schools in their community and make them aware of the Importance of Handwriting.  Parents and teachers also need to be made aware of how important the most complex neuro-muscular skill we acquire is.  I just learned this week that the hands are formed much earlier than the feet and already in-utero the hands are shown to be part of the brain development process, and of course this continues after the baby is born too.

It has taken over 150 years to attain high levels of literacy partly through children learning to read and write.  In the last decade we have witnessed drastic declines partly because literacy has been in the past decade interpreted as reading.

It is not about “pretty handwriting.” It is about exercising and stimulating the brain.

Reminds me of a quote from Henry Ford “If I had asked people what theywanted, they would have said ‘faster horses’.”

There are more possibilities than taking the easiest route.

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