Pope Francis I Handwriting

Pope Francis handwriting Pope Francis I Handwriting

The new pope has a cultivated and aesthetic personality. He possesses a depth and capacity of understanding, is emotionally open and understanding, and has good critical and reasoning abilities. This is all seen in the nice balance he has between letter, word, and line spacing. There is strong individuality and creativity present, too.

What is very interesting is in the comparison between his signature and the body of writing. I refer to this in my booklet on analyzing signatures. This small signature indicates that he is very humble – it is as if he wants to diminish his importance.


Blog Special!

Don’t miss this opportunity. I will - as a special to readers of my blog - include the major theme of your next, upcoming year as indicated by your astrology/numerology in this mini-report that combines the Science of Cards & Handwriting Analysis.

I am amazed at the accuracy of information in combining handwriting analysis and the ancient science of cards and I want to share this information with my valuable list members.

Did you know that the origens of ordinary playing cards has a rich and esoteric background?
They really were an ancient calendar system. Think of it. There are 52 weeks in a year & 52 cards in a deck, 4 suits & 4 seasons, 13 cards per suit and 13 new moons/year and 13 weeks per season.
Each day of the year corresponds with a particular card. In discovering your card, you discover the astrology and Pythagorean numerology associated with that date. I’ve been amazed at the accuracy and insight that one can gain – especially combining it with my handwriting analysis skills.
For this special  I am having a special introductory deal in which I do a “reading” combining handwriting analysis and your birth card.
For only $75 (usually $100) I will give you a two page report discussing your innate gifts and top challenges. I do these in the order that I receive them, so order now for fastest service.


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