The Chin in Face Reading

If you are interested in gaining information from face reading, you most likely would love handwriting analysis. I offer many free and low cost items through Amazon Kindle. (you  just need the Kindle App). If you want a PDF version of what I write, you can purchase those directly from my website: http://lisaschuetz.com/graphology-classes

Note: If you are interested in face reading, you should be interested in handwriting analysis. We can “read” personality traits in how one forms their letters because handwriting is simply body language on paper: a “crystallized gesture.” We can use our physiology to understand our psychology. Human movements are ripe for interpretation – handwriting is simply movement on paper.

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Some Areas Of Face Reading:

1) among the list of elements from the face, chin is a crucial part from the face and conveys several concerning the native. Each and every chin of an individual (both males and females- also children) have a very distinct story to share with. Chins are classified in four broad categories:

i) pointed, ii) narrow, iii) broad and iv) cleft. Then these categories are further classified in narrow pointed, broad pointed, narrow-pointed and broad cleft.

2) if couldn’t survive an excessive amount to convey that manifestation of love/ romance/ emotions for sex and love to the women in your life (at occasions chin becomes suggestive of perverted sex but hard to determine) are indicate by chin from the native. Delicately pointed chin and slightly projected chin denotes considerable attention to the women in your life plus a great wish to have love and to become loved. Similarly, a curved projecting chin shows an awesome would like to love-an intense inner feeling for love and attraction for women in your life. An extremely chin over the face becomes an agent of ‘sex appears’.

3) the square and indented chin denotes a separate affection to the women in your life. Normally, this sort of chin can be found usually amongst men when compared with women. Females ordinarily have pointed and delicately shaped chins. An extremely native carries with it an urge in order to meet persons for convenient satisfaction but often it is often seen that an extremely lady suffers miseries and do not marries. Some refer to it as a detaining sort chin.

4) cleft chin (also often called masculine chin) talk about desires passionately to become loved plus a partner with pointed chin is right thus each will probably have and allow warm reciprocation in loving. The character of chef is passionate but properly formed lips and month, the passions are controlled. The cleft-chin natives ordinarily have excessive indulgence and tend to be after love and rarely, dependant upon the birth chart, remain unmarried.

5) a dimple chin- often in females (adding beauty on the face is known much less passionate when compared with cleft chin). Even so it is probably not always so. We go by keeping of planets in birth chart and natives born with association/ aspect/ conjunction of mars/ venus/ saturn who may possibly talk about love and romance. They seek to become loved and tend to be considered harmless flirt sort. It is often noted that females with dimpled chin utilize the society from the opposite sex-normally taken as society girls-some of which taking to modeling, acting etc.

6) the broad chin/ square chin shows endurance and permanence in friendship and love. An extremely native has sturdy stength. On testing, this principle is supported by thumbs from the native concerned. Other qualities of this kind of natives indicate above and beyond permanence attachment, fidelity in family affection, demanding, jealous in addition to a keen lover.

7) some what short/ round chin natives are seen to be easy going, warn in affection ardent and not passionate on the expectation of others. But, it will have fondness of kissing, a wish to have marriage and even need to.

8) chin acquiring downward long indicates stength and authority to command others. A chin belong to some more yielding fellow i. E. Lack self-confidence. Here again, we go to astrology and the ones of your respective born with leo lagan and sturdy sun/ mars might not yield.

9) a receding chin indicates weakness of stength and offend indicates weakness of energy and offend indicates obstinacy. However, this can depend over the depth and level of recession of chin which will precisely determine the level of weakness of will-power. Several of this kind of natives grow to be obstinate/ cruel and rigid.

Handwriting Analysis How To and Face Reading

There is similarity between the “chin” and the “lower zone” of handwriting. The lower zone gives information on our instinctual side, including things of material & sexual natures. The longer the lower zone, the more emphasized this part of our life is. Following is an example of a dominant lower zone (notice arrows pointing to emphasized areas):

dominant lower zone 300x102 The Chin in Face Reading

The part on the chin was taken from http://wovre.com/-131172-some-areas-of-face-reading.html.


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